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5 Places That Have Banned Justin Bieber

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He had his bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China. He took selfies in front of Tokyo’s notorious Yasukuni Shrine for war criminals. He even made his visit to the Anne Frank House about himself. Everywhere Justin Bieber goes, some folks would prefer he hurry up and leave. Let’s take a look at some notable places that took heroic measures and banned Justin Bieber…

Argentina | 0:24
The Middle East | 1:43
Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving | 2:17
Passage Club in Vienna, Austria | 3:01
Mayan ruins | 3:27

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45 thoughts on “5 Places That Have Banned Justin Bieber

  1. They just found 75 objects in Argentina from the devil and his gang (Hitler and his yes men) where the country denied for decades these murderers were hiding out!! I don't think Justin gives a dam about that country or most people around the world!!

  2. Wow I don't like Bieber but isn't it racist of Muslim countries now to Ban his album because it has a cover of a Cross tattoo on his chest? If it was a Christian country or a white majority country banning something Muslim for the same reason they would be called racist.

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