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Paris attacks compilation (1/2): ISIS attacks on Stade de France and Bataclan in France – TomoNews

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PARIS — More than 120 people were killed in coordinated terrorist attacks on France. One of the targets of the attacks was the Stade de France. Listen closely and you can hear the sound of the first explosions.

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Another target was the Bataclan concert hall. The sounds of the opening gunshots were caught on cell phone video. People were seen pouring out of the music hall to escape the gunmen. The people of France are mourning. Some are still in a state of panic.

People around the globe are mourning with France. From Brazil to Egypt, people showed their solidarity with the people of France. The walls of Jerusalem Old City were lit up in the colors of the French flag. South Koreans displayed the French flag along with a memorial. And a moment of silence was held in at the University of California Long Beach in memory Nohemi Gonzalez, a student of the school who was killed in the Paris attacks.


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25 thoughts on “Paris attacks compilation (1/2): ISIS attacks on Stade de France and Bataclan in France – TomoNews

  1. There you go france … You create ISIS with America and other fyckers because of that many people was killed, how is feel when someone kill your people and your children, are you happy?

  2. the west's mercy is just to own nation. they are just thinking own people. acording to they,eastian people especially muslims may die,no problem. but terrorism came to them of they support. my last word:
    if you throw shit somebody,that shit make dirty your hand.

  3. I feel bad because this is definitely Israel and America's fault. we will blame the Muslims. but the simple fact is if you were to roll tanks through our cities, kick in our doors, kill our children and women, and bomb us and imprison us for no reason at all, we would be fighting back as well. absolutely no question about it. the atrocities the United States have committed in the Middle East are 10 million times worse then anything that Muslims have done to us. how people can't see that I don't f**** understand. and they didn't start it we did. we went into Afghanistan looking for Osama bin Laden knowing we weren't going to find him if he even was behind the attacks anyways. and we went into Iraq for lies. and now we continue to go in to wherever we need to to kill Muslims. and we're all up in arms whenever there's backlash. there should be f**** backlash where warmongers. We are the terrorists! we create more terror and Death on this Earth than anyone else. so we are the terrorist. What the fuck do people expect. I hope the Jews and whore politicians are happy. this is so sad and it's such f**** b*****. what now we find out what country these handful of men were from and go in there and kill everyone also? most likely. I already see comments about people saying to Nuke the Middle East. that is some heartless, ridiculous, hateful, inhumane b*****. if you think that way then you are a terrorist.

  4. all Muslim people are NOT TERRORISTS!! BUT these terrorists groups needs to be completely hunted down and kill and imprisone these high profile thugs we need world peace and as far as im concerned these terrorist are making a bad imagine for these humbled God loving peaceful Muslim people..All MUSLIMS NEED TO STAND UP AGAINST THESE OBVIOUSLY HATEFUL AND UNNECESSARY KILLINGS THE MIDDLE EAST DESERVES A COMPLETE HOLY AND PEACEFUL ATMOSPHERE!! GOD bless all that respects human life and what he has created.

  5. this is terrible . LIKE IF YOU WANT TO HELP STOP TERRISOM , my granny unfortunately died during one of these events and much respect is focused on her x LOVE YOU GRANNY XOX

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